Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SeaWorld Wins Custody Dispute; Sanders: Dump Defense of Marriage Act

A contract dispute over an orca named Ike was resolved over the weekend, with Ike coming to San Diego from Marineland in the Niagara Falls area. It culminates a lengthy contract dispute between the companies that was in both Ontario, Canada and U.S. courts, reports the Orlando Sentinel via Fox 5.

I'll let the description of the transfer of the whale, which began on Saturday, speak for itself:
The transfer began Saturday evening, when Ike was lifted out of his pool at Marineland and into a waiting transport truck. A witness to the procession as it drove toward an airport in Hamilton, Ontario, told the Toronto Star that it included at least 14 police cruisers with lights flashing, two transport trucks and a crane. The animal was subsequently flown in a cargo plane to California.

"He was in the water in San Diego early Sunday morning," SeaWorld spokesman Fred Jacobs said Monday. "Everything went great."
I guess this is why we use "widgets" instead of "whales" when discussing hypotheticals in first year contracts courses.

In other news,

- San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders joins his fellow California big city mayors in urging Congress to dump the Defense of Marriage Act, reports the LA Times.

- The bookkeeper from the old Jack's in La Jolla faces more criminal charges, reports Fox 5. The bookkeeper had been accused of embezzling thousands from the large and seemingly successful restaurant and nightclub compound in the village, which abruptly and shockingly closed in July 2009.

- Rep. Darrell Issa of 49th Congressional District, which currently occupies most of the North County, is reported to be the nation's richest congressmen, says NBC San Diego.

- A personal favorite, Sharon Jones (right) and the Dap Kings, will be at the House of Blues Monday night, George Varga reports in the U-T.

(Photo of Sharon Jones by kallerna)

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