Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watch Out For The Latest Attorney Scam

Apparently, our friends (likely arising from internet cafes from Africa) have concocted a new scam targeting young attorneys with trust accounts.

Some of my colleagues and I received an email from someone posing as "Anton Affentranger" asking for a "breach of contract lawyer to assist me with a legal matter."

The unusual name led me to Anton Affentranger, a well-known business consultant and has had numerous stints at top posts of some of the largest Swiss-based international corporations. I thought it was odd that he was contacting a young solo practitioner in San Diego. The number posted in my contact form was attached to some telemarketing number.

Then, when one of the suite-mates also got the email, it seemed too-good-to-be-true. He engaged with the contact who wanted to pay money into his trust account -- a similar scheme that had been discussed in the SDCBA NLD list serve in 2012.

So, be careful when "Anton Affentranger" emails you.

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