Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Briefing: Fun in Taylor's Court, LASC Consolidates, Foster Retires and More

The news-lull finally stops. Here's a summary of what's been going on around San Diego:

  • Fun in Judge Timothy B. Taylor's courtroom: 
    • First, BlawgSD is present (actually in oral argument with the judge) when San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith's cell phone rings in open court, eliciting glares from Judge Taylor and others. He was there with Mayor Bob Filner last Tuesday to get a expedited ruling in the hotel tax fight. No word on if Mr. Filner himself was the caller.
    • Then, during a particularly active ex parte calendar on Thursday morning, Taylor revealed that court budget cuts had resulted in the court ending distribution of paper calendars to judges and staff to use. In fact, his clerks pitched in to by calendars for their use in case calendaring and scheduling. Taylor's calendar replacement? A fly-fishing calendar.
  • Major changes at Los Angeles Superior Courts: the nation's largest court system is consolidated certain civil case types to the several courthouses that remained open after a massive courtroom purge in 2012. The LASC Web site has a list of notices for the today (some of which take effect today).
  • San Diego Superior Court Judge Lisa Foster retired.  
  • BlawgSD has not heard of any quips, qualms or queasiness with the new San Diego Superior Court E-Filing program for civil cases.

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