Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Judge Cline Retires; Sought Greater Understanding of Courts Among Public

The San Diego Superior Court announced the retirement of Judge Richard G. Cline, the longtime North County attorney, former North County Bar Association president, and member of the Superior Court bench at the North County Division. His last day on the bench is August 2.

According to the court's press release, Cline sees his greatest contribution to the legal community was his efforts in broadening the awareness, particularly among children, of the judicial system.

He was appointed to the Municipal Court bench by Governor Pete Wilson in 1998 and a few months later joined the Superior Court's bench.
During the first three months of my tenure as a judge, I presided over ten jury trials.
This put me into direct contact with several hundred citizens, who had been called to jury
service. It quickly became apparent that many of the citizens throughout our community had an
inaccurate and grossly incomplete understanding of the role and operation of the court and the
third branch of government. Much of this problem is traceable to the skewed information
presented by the media, especially television. Many of my colleagues share this view. I decided
I could do my part in educating the public through youth outreach programs. So, over the years,
I have developed, coordinated, and participated in several outreach programs that have been
presented to thousands of students and hundreds of teachers throughout San Diego County. It
has been a thoroughly enjoyable endeavor as well as one that has been widely recognized as
He founded and participated in numerous court outreach programs to educate the public on the court process.
Cline is a graduate of USD Law School. He plans to retire to Maine. 

(Photo from Rotary Club of La Jolla)

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