Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Judges Kreep, Whitney To Take Over Evictions Downtown

Judge Gary Kreep
BlawgSD has learned that Judge Gary Kreep and Judge Richard S. Whitney will be taking over evictions and other limited civil cases at the downtown Central Courthouse, San Diego Superior Court spokeswoman Karen Dalton confirmed today. Judge Whitney will take over Department C-6 on December 11 and handle unlawful detainers and limited civil matters. Judge Kreep will take over Department C-7 on January 8 and will also handle unlawful detainers and limited civil matters. Judge Kreep's move to evictions has been rumored for some time, despite his recent appointment to the traffic court in Kearny Mesa.

Judge Kreep was elected in 2012 with some controversy, after an interesting campaign, where voters elected the attorney who gained notoriety for leading the legal challenge to President Barack Obama U.S. citizenship. Judge Whitney also rankled some members of the local Occupy movement for his ruling in a recent case. The Superior Court website current lists Judge Kreep as "available for assignment" at the Kearny Mesa court. Meanwhile, Judge Whitney currently occupies Department C-42 and handles criminal trials according to the court's website.

Judges Kreep and Whitney will replace Commissioners Cindy D. Davis in Department C-5 and James T. Atkins in Department C-7 who primarily handled unlawful detainers. BlawgSD understands that Commissioner Davis will move to the family court while Commissioner Atkins will take on criminal arraignments. Both commissioners were regarded highly by the unlawful detainer bar.

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